April Fool Meet

posted 29 Apr 2019, 01:39 by Team Jorvik   [ updated 29 Apr 2019, 06:19 ]

Most of our Competitive Squad, plus a few others, had an enjoyable weekend at the Richmond Dales April Fool Meet.  Many of the swimmers took the opportunity to try some of the longer events for the first time and others achieved some big PBs in events they hadn’t swum for a few months, showing just how much they are improving all the time.

Our youngest swimmers put in awesome performances: Aiden S achieving good PBs in all his 4 races and winning two bronze medals; while Alex T swam 6 PBs, won a silver and 3 bronze medals and gained qualifying times for the Winter Yorkshire Competition in 4 events.  Freddie was also on great form and his efforts earned him 2 bronze medals and a Yorkshire QT.  And Alex M showed that continuing to train hard really does reap rewards, with PBs in all 7 of his events earning himself 2 golds and a bronze medal.  A good PB for Ben in 200m IM saw him take gold too.

For the girls, Robyn, Ellie, Libby, Lilly and Scarlett all put in several great PB swims, with Ellie winning a bronze medal and achieving a Yorkshire QT.  Our older girls, Jess B and Laura, though not quite on their best form on the day, came away with a silver and a gold, and 2 gold medals respectively.

Well done team!

Leeds National Qualifier

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report to follow

Sunderland National Qualifier

posted 29 Apr 2019, 01:36 by Team Jorvik

report to follow

Yorkshire Long Course Championships

posted 25 Feb 2019, 07:09 by Team Jorvik

Well done to our squad of 16 swimmers who competed over the course of three weekends in February: Joan, Eleanor, Amy, Laura, Meredith, Heidi, Alex M, Tom, Joe S, James R, Jake, Aidan R, Callum, Joe C, Aidan F and Cormac.  Many elected to swim only a limited selection of their events, plus a further 10 of our swimmers had also achieved qualifying times but were unable to compete.  Despite this, we had more finalists than ever before, and many other great swims too.
The following won medals and finals placings:
Aidan F - 1st 100m Breast, 1st 200m Breast, 2nd 50m Breast;
Meredith - 2nd 100m Fly, 2nd 50m Fly, 3rd 200m Back, 6th 400m IM, 6th 50m Back;
Tom - 2nd 100m Back;
Callum - 3rd 200m Back, 3rd 100m Back;
Eleanor - 6th 200m Back, 7th 200m Fly;
Joe C - 6th 100m Back, 7th 200m back, 7th 50m Back, 8th 200m Fly;
Amy - 8th 100m Breast;
Jake - 10th 100m Back;
Joan - disqualified in the 200m Back final for a technical infraction.

Leeds New Year Meet 2019

posted 20 Jan 2019, 04:25 by Team Jorvik

Our first gala of 2019 was the City of Leeds New Year meet - had those post-Christmas morning sessions paid off or were the swimmers still recovering from an excess of chocolate over the festive period??  Well it was quite a mixed bag but some of our younger swimmers certainly impressed: Robyn and Aiden S looked as if they had been putting in extra training sessions instead of eating their Christmas dinner as they both smashed PB's (Aiden knocking off 17 seconds from his 50 Fly and Robyn 30 seconds from her 200m IM!); Alex T had similar huge improvements in 100m & 200m Free; and Jess G achieved a full set of PBs in her 5 events.
The following medals were won: 
Gold: Meredith 50 & 100 Fly, Eleanor 100 Fly, 200 Back & 400 Free, Aidan R 100 Breast, Callum 200 back, Jake 200 Back, Gareth 50 & 100 Free, Bethan 50 Fly & 50 Back, Joe C 50 Back, Laura 200 Back
Silver: Callum 400 IM, Jess B 200 Free, Joe C 100 & 200 Back, 200 Fly & 400 Free, Aidan R 200 Breast, Alex M 200 Back, Alex T 200 Free, Meredith 100 Back, Eleanor 50 Fly & 100 Back, Aidan F 100 Fly, Joan 200 Back
Bronze: Aidan R 200 & 400 IM, Jake 50 Free & 400 IM, Meredith 200 Free & 200 Fly, Joan 200 Free, Bethan 50 Free, 100 Fly & 100 Back, Laura 50 Back, Amy 400 IM, Alex T 50 Back & 100 Fly, Jess B 400 Free, Alex M 50 Back

Assistant Head Coach vacancy - applications invited

posted 2 Jan 2019, 05:23 by Team Jorvik   [ updated 2 Jan 2019, 05:25 ]

We have an exciting job opportunity for the right candidate!  Please see our published advert here.

Short course NER success

posted 7 Nov 2018, 10:14 by Team Jorvik

This year we had 19 swimmers with qualifying times for the winter Regional SC Championships - again a record number! But due to the competition being staged just two weeks
after the Yorkshire Winter Competition, and most of the swimmers going on the swim camp to Spain in between, David generally advised people not to enter. Thus it was that a small party of just seven swimmers made their way to Sheffield on the first week in November.

Bethan Endicott, in her first North East Regionals after moving from East of England region, qualified for 9 events altogether and won a complete set of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals - in the Age 13 50m Fly, 50m Back and 100m Fly respectively. Keke and Heidi also swam in the Age Group competition for the first time, putting in good performances.

In the Open competition (age 14+), all our competitors were breaststrokers: Emily, James, Aidan R & Aidan F! Between them they swam several PBs, Aidan F managed to achieve a Winter Nationals QT in 200m, and James made the best time improvement with a 3 second PB in 100m.

Again, much to celebrate and we look forward to seeing a bigger squad competing at the Long Course NERs in May.

Yorkshire Winter Competition - Upper Age Group

posted 31 Oct 2018, 03:35 by Team Jorvik   [ updated 7 Nov 2018, 08:58 ]

We had a record number of both qualifying swimmers and qualifying times for this competition, held on 20th/21st October at Ponds Forge - another example of the club going from strength to strength. Not everyone chose to enter all their events and some did not compete at all, but we still had a very strong presence.  It was not surprising then that we won our highest number of medals at a Yorkshire competition, with a number of other placings in the Top 10 ("Finalists") or very close to it.

Several of our squad swam PBs in all their events: Aidan F (9), Callum (7), Jake (6), Eleanor (6), Aidan R (3), Alex (2) and Cormac (2), with Joe S also deserving a mention with an impressive 8 out of 9 PB swims.

Callum kicked off the medal haul with an impressive swim to claim Silver in the 100m Backstroke. The next day he added a Bronze in the 50m Backstroke, with both swims being qualifying times for the Winter Nationals competition.

Also on Saturday morning Bethan won Silver in 50m Backstroke, then a great 50m Fly swim earned her Gold on Sunday. She also finished 8th in both 100m Backstroke and 100m Fly.

Aidan F earned the first of two Gold medals on Saturday afternoon winning the 50m Breaststroke, adding the second on Sunday morning in the 100m Breaststroke in a Nationals QT.

Meredith started the weekend with a 9th place in 50m Free, then claimed a Bronze medal in 100m Fly, before leaving the competition trailing in her wake in the 50m Fly on Sunday morning.  The latter swim was also a Nationals QT.

Joe C claimed 3 Top 10 finishes: 7th in 50m Free and 100m Back and 10th in 100m Fly; while Joe S was also 7th in 200m IM.

Fantastic performances all round.  We are very proud of all of you!

Billingham Autumn Meet – September 2018

posted 2 Oct 2018, 08:27 by Team Jorvik

September is a time for concentrating on technique and setting a benchmark for the rest of the season and a springboard for the coming year. Billingham Autumn Meet proved the perfect opportunity for Team Jorvik to do this in a fresh, new environment with some super-fast competition for our swimmers to pit themselves against.

Nonetheless, our swimmers had a very successful meet and scooped up a total of 27 medals between them. Alex M cleared the boards medalling in every single one of his four events (Silver - 200 IM, 50 back, 100 back, 100 free).  Medals were also won by Aidan F (Gold – 200 breast); Amy (Gold- 100 breast, 200 breast, Bronze – 50 breast); Callum (Gold – 100 back, 200 back, Silver – 50 back, Bronze – 200 free); Emma PD (Gold – 100 free, Silver – 200 free); Jake (Bronze – 200 back); Jess (Silver – 200 back); Joe C (Gold - 50 back, 100 back, 200 back, Silver – 100 fly, Bronze – 50 free, 200 fly); Laura (Gold – 50 free, Silver – 100 fly, 100 free, Bronze – 50 back, 200 back).

Of our younger swimmers Robyn stood out with PBs in each of her six events including an amazing 10 second PB in her 50 butterfly! She also attempted 100 fly for the first time earning a super new time. Aidan F, Callum and Jamie also each achieved a full set of PBs.

There were also some new qualifying times for the forthcoming Upper Age Group Winter Yorkshires and NERs. Jamie achieved his Yorkshire time with a smashing swim in the 50 fly while Cormac and Alex M gained new qualifying times in 50 back and 100 back respectively. Meanwhile Joe C clocked up another North East Regional qualifying time, this time in the 100 fly.

Some of our younger swimmers took the opportunity to tackle some of the longer events for the first time with Robbie tackling the 200 breast and 200 back and Alex T taking on the 200 free and 200 back, both swimming extremely well.

There was great excitement on Saturday as Callum qualified for the Skins event. In this event the fastest six swimmers from the 200IM heats compete on a given stroke determined by a coloured ball picked out of a hat. Callum did extremely well to qualify for this event. Unfortunately, he was knocked out after the first round which was breaststroke. However, he pocketed a nice sum of money for his trouble and provided much excitement for all of us spectators!  

Spring Yorkshire Championships info published

posted 18 Sep 2018, 01:39 by Team Jorvik

The Qualifying Times and Schedule for the Yorkshire Championships next February are now available on the YSA website.

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