Team Jorvik Amateur Swimming Club was established on 1 July 2007. Since then the club has grown organically based upon its strong clear vision and set of values that centre around the club's commitment to helping every swimmer achieve their potential.


Through the provision of excellent coaching and a high coach to swimmer ratio, Team Jorvik consistently produces highly competitive swimmers and excellent results in local and regional competitions.  In 2019 we were very proud to see four of our swimmers qualify for the summer national competitions.


The Club is run by a voluntary management committee, who work closely with our Head Coach.


Philosophy and ethos


Team Jorvik caters for all age groups and ability levels. Anyone who wishes to improve their swimming will be given every opportunity to do so, provided they have a desire to improve and a willingness to put in the effort required. We want to get the absolute best out of every swimmer, but we never put pressure on anyone to train harder than they are willing to or to compete if they are not happy to.  Enjoyment of swimming is a key factor and, when combined with an excellent training programme, this produces results that the swimmers themselves are proud of and gives them the motivation to continue to work hard.


We aim to group swimmers together in a way that maximises their success long term through getting the most out of each training session. We have an ethos of team membership and peer support, which creates a positive and constructive environment for both personal and physical development.


We also encourage the involvement of family members in all aspects of the running of the club: mums, dads and grandparents all have important roles to play on our committee and coaching staff. Team Jorvik has a friendly, inclusive and happy atmosphere, where newcomers are warmly welcomed.




We use several pools around the city and outlying villages: Archbishop Holgate's School, Queen Margaret's School Escrick, Yearsley Swimming Baths, The Mount School, Energise Leisure Centre, St Peter’s School and Stamford Bridge Community Pool.

Training programme overview

Our development programme is designed to safely teach the basic skills needed by competitive swimmers, whilst having fun every time they get in the water. Through this they gain lifelong water safety whilst making new friends.

As the swimmers progress mentally and physically, we focus on developing their skills and ‘train them to train’ with a view to competition. They begin to understand the importance of an active lifestyle, develop self-confidence and learn to understand the concept of individual competition, whilst very much being part of a team.

As they progress to ‘training to compete’, they learn to maintain good technique over longer distances and practice race skills such as starts, turns and tactical aspects of racing. They also learn about good training skills such as warming up, stretching and how to train.

Through regular competition, they learn to set their own goals and love the feeling of success. They also learn to reapply themselves if those goals aren't achieved, and through this learn the fine art of hard work and dedication. They become physically fit, mentally strong, individually driven and team orientated.

A key part of becoming a great swimmer is to become a great athlete first. Team Jorvik has dedicated land training sessions in addition to pool time, enabling swimmers to develop all round fitness, strength, flexibility, joint control and mobility.

We also have programmes for those who prefer to prioritise swimming for fitness and enjoyment over the demands and commitment of competitive swimming.  By training alongside the competitive squads, these members still feel very much included as part of the club.

Our current squad structure is explained here, together with the training times of each group.

If your child has achieved Swim England Level 7 (or equivalent) and would like to experience competitive swimming training, then come along for a free trial session and a chat to see if we meet their needs.  Children below this standard are warmly invited to join our swim school, Jorvik Swim Academy until they are ready to join the main club squads.