About the Club



Team Jorvik Amateur Swimming Club was established on 1 July 2007. The club has grown organically based upon its strong clear vision set and set of values that centre around the club's commitment to help every swimmer achieve their potential, irrespective of their natural talent. In this respect, the club differs from many of its competitors who may prioritise coaching on their elite squad. Yet, Team Jorvik consistently produces highly competitive swimmers and excellent results in local and regional competitions. It does this partly through the provision of excellent coaching and a high coach/swimmer ratio and partly by encouraging swimmers who may otherwise have been overlooked achieving their potential at different ages and stages in their growth.


The club is simply based around giving all swimmers equal opportunities. The club does not separate swimmers in any way that it can avoid, but rather aims to group swimmers together in a way that maximises their success long term through getting the most out of each training session. We have an ethos of team membership and peer support for performances and training development, which creates a positive and constructive environment for both personal and physical development.

The ethos

Team Jorvik caters for all age groups and ability levels, and drive them to develop their swimming. At the heart of everything we do lies the ethos that anyone that wishes to improve their swimming will be given every opportunity to do so. We present all our swimmers at each stage with equal opportunities, as long as they have a desire to improve. We want to get the absolute best out of every swimmer, and this shines through in our team ethos, and in the quality of the coaching, and the day to day process.

Why competitive swimming?

Our development programme is designed to safely teach the basic skills needed by swimmers, whilst having fun every time they get in the water. Through this they gain lifelong water safety and make new friends.

As they progress mentally and physically, we "train them to train", with a view to competition. They begin to understand the importance of an active lifestyle, develop self confidence and learn to understand the concept of individual competition, whilst very much being part of a team.

Through regular competition, they learn to set their own goals and love the feeling of success. They also learn to reapply themselves if those goals aren't achieved, and through this learn the fine art of hard work and dedication. They become physically fit, mentally strong, individually driven and team orientated.

If you have achieved level 8 or ASA Gold standard and would like to experience competitive swimming training, or already train and would like extra sessions, then come and try a free one hour session! We look forward to hearing from you.

Our current squad structure is explained here, together with the training times of each group (but please be aware that this is continually evolving as the Club grows)